Traditional martial arts is called “Budo” in Japanese. When Japan evolved from a warring country to a unified, peaceful nation, the warrior spirit transformed in order to carry on a tradition of forging some of the best qualities in us for the betterment of humankind. Humility, sincerity, calmness-amidst-chaos, concentration and a deep appreciation for life are the hallmarks of the warrior spirit.

San Do Martial Arts offers three unique paths for people to pursue the higher goal to create a more loving, secure and safer world for us and our future generations to live in. Aikido (Shin-Budo Kai), Karate (Soshinkan- Ushiro Karate), and Internal Power Training (Sangenkai) are the three complementary paths we offer you. We welcome adults, teenagers and children to experience one, two, or all three paths to best suite your needs.