The primary focus of the training will be on learning kata. Kata is an orchestrated series of physical movements that contain within them many levels and layers of learning. The traditional training method is referred to in Japanese as “Shu-Ha-Ri”

“By learning these kata, one can get to such a high level of functionality that there is no comparison with that of today’s sports. Once can really investigate one’s own individual, personal form (freedom) through these unchanging kata that transcend individual differences. In this way, one can truly learn. For this, this Shugyo (committed practice) based on the teaching of shu (protect), ha (destroy), ri (leave) is absolutely necessary.” Kenji Ushiro Shihan

Bunkai Kumite involves focused sparring that is used to test one’s development of specific movements within our katas. The empirical verification of our movements is essential for us to recognize the importance of kata. There are many levels of Bunkai Kumite that teach the many hidden possibilities contained within the movements of kata.

“The good thing about verification is you will understand the level of your techniques and your practice will not be collusive. By verifying each technique, you can get rid of compromise and collusive practice, and thus start to see the essence that is at the root of technique.” Kenji Ushiro Shihan

Children are born with an abundance of Ki (positive life energy). The purpose of the practice for children is to provide form and direction for their Ki. In order to preserve the natural strength of a child’s Ki, children will not engage in free sparring.