Ushiro Karate, California

Ushiro Karate- California (Soshinkan- California branch chapter) stays true to the bujutsu roots of martial arts that were created in Japan. This style of karate is not about sports, exhibitions, or fighting contests. Practice centers on the sincere practice of the ageless kata that came from the roots of Okinawan karate. Bunkai Kumite (focused sparing) is utilized to provide feedback as to one’s development within kata. The purpose of our training is to develop humble, capable individuals dedicated to making our world a safer and saner place for our children and children’s children.

"There is no compromise, no lies, no excuses. It’s the world of the empty heart-mind where you can challenge yourself limitlessly, which is endlessly deep and infinitely high. And once you step into this world, you will acquire great energy; this is Do (the way)." Kenji Ushiro Shihan

"To progress and grow is to change. To change is to know depth. To know the depth is to become humble." Kenji Ushiro Shihan

The Napa, California branch of Ushiro Karate is only one of two authorized branches outside of Japan. The other authorized branch is in Seattle Washington under the Josh Drachman.